"Driven by passion and a thirst for new experiences, I bought my first home brew kit and fell in love with brewing. In an attempt to make better beer, I went to my local craft brewery, which had just opened. I traded labor for knowledge. While trying to learn everything I could about brewing, I came across the art of sake making and it took hold in me. With the heart of a brewer and mind of a foodie, I will show you my soul in sake."

"Keldon is a super swell guy."
(dictated by, but not read by

- Keldon Warwick Premuda)

About the Owners

Setting Sun Sake Brewing Co. is Southern California craft sake. We are taking on the next frontier in the craft-brewing world. Inspired by music, art, and food, we make sake that we want to drink. Using locally sourced ingredients and a house blend of yeast, we bring you craft sake for the next evolution in craft brewing. Dedicated to friends, family and craft. Taking inspiration from our favorite sources, we brew up a new look at a classic. 

About Setting Sun Sake Brewing Co.

Keldon Warwick Premuda

Josh Hembree

President & Head of Brewing Operations


(951) 757-1393